I’m Moving!


Avatar-Medium.pngHey everyone!  In the next few weeks, I’ll be moving my site to a different host, so to stay up to date, be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, just in case I have any issues with the move!

If you need to contact me directly, feel free to send a direct message on either Facebook or Twitter!


Contest Update/Clarification


Avatar-Medium.pngJust a quick update to the contest… The iTunes codes will be specifically for the iOS version of the Visor app, which is over $2.00 Canadian in the app store, but I can tell you already, the iOS version is much better than the Android version!

First Ever Circle of the Blind Mice Subscriber Appreciation Contest!



Hey everyone! First, a huge thank you for all your support over the last three months! This “blind mouse” just got her first video sponsor! The creators of the Visor Magnifier app for iOS & Android were kind enough to give me several iTunes app store codes for the iOS version of the Visor app which I’ll be passing on to my loyal YouTube subscribers! You are getting the heads up here before I post the video, so if you’re not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, now’s the time to do it! 🙂

In order to be eligible for the contest, you have to be an engaged subscriber, meaning you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel & commenting on my videos directly on YouTube! Also, if you share one of my videos on Facebook or Twitter & email circleoftheblindmice@gmail.com with your corresponding YouTube & Facebook/Twitter username, you’ll get two entries into the contest! Contest closes May 1st & the five winners will be announced May 7th!

Review of the iOS version of the Visor app coming very soon!

Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and best of luck to all my fellow “blind mice” out there!  🙂

Levels of Low Vision Explained!



Avatar-Medium.pngThis week’s vlog goes out to all my fellow “blind mice” out there with low vision who’ve ever had someone say to them “Oh, you don’t LOOK blind!” or “How do YOU know that, you’re blind?!”. Hopefully, this video will go a little way towards spreading awareness about the various levels of low vision & blindness, as well as dispel a few misconceptions. To anyone sighted watching this, if you’ve ever said something like this to a blind or visually impaired person before, don’t stress to much about it. This video is just to help you become more aware.  🙂

The World Health Organization lists four levels of visual function – normal, moderately visually impaired, severely visually impaired & profoundly visually impaired.  The idea that someone is either sighted or blind with no grey area in between, is a misconception that surprisingly, is still quite common today.  Just like someone can have partial hearing, people can also have partial vision.  In fact, most white cane users have some love of low vision.  To learn more, check out the video below.

A Heartfelt Thank You, Plus This Week’s Tech Video


Avatar-Medium.pngMany thanks to Dave Hodges who requested the topic for the first of this week’s videos, which is all about mastering the myriad of Talkback gestures in Android!  Whether you’re new to Android & Talkback or want to master its many swipe gestures, this tutorial is for you!


Also, I’d like to send a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone following me on WordPress, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook!  In the past couple of weeks, this “little blind mouse that could” (ok, maybe not so little!) recently passed 50 subscribers!  In fact, now I’m at 67 on YouTube!  It’s not a lot, I know, but to me it means so much!  Also, thanks so much for all the great feedback & suggestions for future video content!  Us YouTube creators love it when our audience talks to us, so keep it coming!  🙂

I’ll have a second video later on this afternoon once I get some much needed sleep!  I pulled another all nighter, so that I could get this weeks’ tech video out to you all first thing this morning!

How I Record My iOS & Android Screens Despite Having Low Vision



Avatar-Medium.pngHere’s the second of this week’s videos.  It’s my first video response to a viewer’s question!  Are YOU that viewer?  🙂

In this video, I talk about the programs I use to record my screens for my Low Vision Assistive Tech videos. I use exactly the same types of software a sighted person would, apart from the addition of Apple’s built-in screen magnification accessibility feature  once I get to editing on my Mac. 🙂  Of course, it takes me longer to edit than it would a fully sighted person, but I get there eventually!  I do all my filming, screen capturing & video editing myself.  No sighted people were harmed in the production of this blog or video!  😉

To date, this video is the most ambitious project I’ve undertaken thus far, as it includes multiple video sources overtop of primarily one audio source, plus a few extra bits of audio thrown in as a last minute addition.  I have a whole new respect for people who edit complex video for a living, because this stuff takes a LONG time, even for sighted folks, so you can imagine how long it takes if you’re using screen magnification & only seeing part of the screen at a time!



Visor Low Vision Magnifier for Android App Review


Avatar-Medium.pngWhen I saw that this app has more features than the average magnifier in the Google Play store, I was super excited to try it out, especially since its developers say they’ve consulted with the visually impaired community while designing it. That much is evident with its multi-colour feature, large on-screen buttons & simple layout, but alas, there’s still room for improvement here, as the app runs very slowly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  To see the app in action, check out the first of this week’s videos (more to come later on today).